The Most Spectacular Trick (Nov 2017) in Going Down Swinging (print)


Bread (Aug 2017) in Word-O-Mat (print in a tiny vending machine!)


Dirt (Jul 2017) in Transnational Queer Underground (online)


Commuting (Mar 2017) in Geometry (print)


The Rules (Mar 2017) in Quaint Magazine (online)


The True Meaning of Christmas part 2 (Dec 2016) in Leopardskin & Limes (online)


Surfaces (Dec 2016) in Litro (online)


Asking for It (Dec 2016) in Room Magazine (print)


Sleeping Beauty (May 2016) in The Adroit Journal (online)


Salome & Circe (Mar 2016) in Rivet Journal (online)


The Things We Do (Mar 2016) in Sundog Lit (online)


Well (Feb 2016) in Neon, Issue 42 (print)


Unlocking (Jan 2016) in The Wrong Quarterly, Issue III (print)


Monsters (Jan 2016) in The Drum (audio)


Downfall (Jan 2016) in Spolia (pdf)


The True Meaning of Christmas (Dec 2015) in Leopardskin & Limes (online)


Dirt (Summer 2015) in Make Out Magazine (print)


The Boy Princess (Summer 2015) in FLAPPERHOUSE (print)


Kitsune (June 2015) in Bookanista (online)


The Things They Don't Tell You About Fire (Oct 2014) in Litro (online)


Caterpillars (Sep 2014) in Word Riot (online)


The Wind Turbines (Jul 2012) in Bartleby Snopes (online)


Bread (Jan 2012) on BBC Radio 4 (radio)


The Passenger (Spring 2011) in Gutter (print)


The Cats' Gravity chapbook (May 2009) from Forest Publishing (print)


Flamingoes (Apr 2009) in The Golden Hour Book 2 (print)


The Parade (Mar 2008) in Johnny America


The Idea Groves (Mar 2008) in Neon, Issue 15